Wii’re Crazy

I wait­ed in line overnight at the Cen­tral Rich­mond Tar­get for the launch of the Nin­ten­do Wii con­sole. It was loads of fun, and the Wii is even bet­ter. How­ev­er, I’m real­ly tired and need to eat and go to the office for a cou­ple of hours this after­noon. I’m also using the TS defense for that cheesy title, but it seems that I’m not the only one doing that sort of thing. Any­way, blog­ging about it is just going to have to wait a few hours until tomor­row (I’ve been play­ing some games and hang­ing out with some friends).

In the mean­time, you can check out pho­tos at Flickr from the past night. Oh, in case you’re won­der­ing, it was a real­ly quite and low key evening. Not at all like this (and yes, that’s the exact same store):

Hen­ri­co Coun­ty police attempt to con­trol a row­dy crowd out­side of the Cen­tral Rich­mond Tar­get with talc pow­der guns (not pep­per spray as some are shout­ing. You would hear loads more scream­ing it that was pep­per spray, and it isn’t usu­al­ly shot from a gun). There were over 250 peo­ple in line for only eight PS3’s.

One game that appar­ent­ly isn’t yet avail­able but Angela and I are real­ly anx­ious to get is “Big Brain Acad­e­my,” which is essen­tial­ly “Brain Age” for the Wii. We’ll leave all this sword fight­in’ and shootin’ up to the young whip­per-snap­pers.

2 thoughts on “Wii’re Crazy”

  1. Hey Jason, its sara, the asian girl who’s boyfriend offend­ed everyone.…and the own­ers of humphrey. nice pic­tures and i hope you’re enjoy­ing your wii. bran­don and i played the sports games…they’re a lot of fun and tried out rayman(the rab­bit game) …shoot­ing rab­bits with plungers is lots of fun! also played zel­da for about 2 hours. man.…that was a long cold night but every­one was pret­ty cool out there. it was nice meet­ing you and hope u get some rest.

  2. Sara: It was fun get­ting to hang out with you, Bran­don, and Humphrey (Bran­don real­ly was­n’t offend­ing me, any­way). I’ve been play­ing those same three games: Wii Sports, Zel­da, and Ray­man. I was­n’t real­ly sure about that last one, but you’re right: shoot­ing rab­bits with plungers is awe­some! Check back and I’ll have writ­ten some more if you’re inter­est­ed.

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