You Stink

I’ve got loads to put up online and so I don’t want any­one to think that I’m doing noth­ing. How­ev­er, as I’m sit­ting here trans­fer­ring pho­tos and video to the PC I’m drink­ing a glass of milk. That’s no so weird except for the fact it stinks. What’s more upset­ting is this milk has been in our house less than 24 hours.

We had some mush­rooms (the edi­ble kind) go real­ly, real­ly bad in our fridge over a week ago. Even though we noticed a bad smell just before leav­ing for Ten­nessee last week (remem­ber me men­tion­ing that Trey, Megan?), we did­n’t have the time to emp­ty the fridge and find it. Well, over our time away, this foul odor crept all over the fridge and even into the freez­er, ruin­ing my vanil­la ice cream. The milk, which should have still been good, was com­plete­ly ined­i­ble. I could­n’t even pour a glass with­out gag­ging.

We got a new car­ton of milk last night, along with four bak­ing soda box­es to try and soak up the smell. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I can still smell the stuff in this new car­ton as well. Let’s hope this stuff goes away soon or it’ll come down to us giv­ing up milk for good or buy­ing a new fridge, and that’s a deci­sion I’m just no pre­pared to make right now.

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