London Fog

You know that cliché old adage about some­one bring­ing the weath­er from where their from when they come for a vis­it? Well, the Queen of Eng­land, along with her hus­band Prince Philip, are in Rich­mond today to cel­e­brate the 400th Anniver­sary of the found­ing of Jamestown, VA. Yes­ter­day in Rich­mond was about 90° F and sun­ny. Today is over­cast and in the upper 50’s. Hon­est­ly, Your Majesty; you’re not real­ly vis­it­ing if you bring every­thing from home with you. I’m just saying.

3 thoughts on “London Fog”

  1. I won­der if the Union Jack is ever hung upside-down as it is on occa­sion as part of the Hawai­ian flag.

  2. I think so, but I think it’s more like­ly that it is a result of not know­ing which direc­tion is up on the Union Jack (red stripes for Ire­land first, going clock­wise) than a polit­i­cal state­ment. It’s tough to even notice the polit­i­cal state­ment in a near­ly sym­met­ric flag. :)

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