Skeleton Thrasher in MacPaint

Here is an example of my MacPaint skills as a kid. My brothers and I loved MacPaint, as it was the first program we used in which we were really able to create something artistic. Here, you can see how I found a use for the "paint" tool to fill in the brick pattern; as well the "spray" brush pattern. Perhaps I was revealing some of my punk youth attitude that I put those to together to create wall graphitti, but hey, it just made sense.

Detial 1

Here you can see some of the detail. Note the earring bolted to the skull where the ear would be, as well as the puncture wound in the forehead. The hat was a cyclists hat with a flipped up brim, like skaters wore in the mid-80's.

Detial 2

Some more detail showing my love for skate brands, such as Vision Street Wear.

Detial 3

Again, the my use of the brands of skate-clothing I had. Here, chunky Airwalk shoes.