The fewer hyphens the better

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Our gen­er­al advice: The few­er hyphens the bet­ter.
Use them only when not using them caus­es con­fu­sion. Think of hyphens as an aid to read­ers’ com­pre­hen­sion. If a hyphen makes the mean­ing clear­er, use it. If it just adds clut­ter and dis­trac­tion to the sen­tence, don’t. #APStyleChat

America would be an infinitely better place

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Amer­i­ca would be an infi­nite­ly bet­ter place if all white South­ern­ers had the same atti­tude towards the Con­fed­er­a­cy that most con­tem­po­rary Ger­mans do towards Nazism: be hap­py your ances­tors lost a ter­ri­ble war on behalf of an awful cause