I.M. Pei

Four­teen years ago, when Angela and I vis­it­ed Paris, I took this pho­to inside the Lou­vre pyra­mid. I post­ed it to Flickr with the attached caption.

The glass pyra­mid at the Lou­vre, designed by I.M. Pei. Usu­al­ly referred to as the “con­tro­ver­sial” pyra­mid. I was in awe, if you can’t tell by this photo.

Pei passed away yes­ter­day at the age of 102 after hav­ing for­ev­er changed archi­tec­ture around the world.

My Favorite 9 Photos of 2017

My favorite 9 pho­tos from 2017

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Ok, well, it was pret­ty much impos­si­ble to nar­row this down to nine pho­tos. These cov­er at least some of the high­lights of the past year. They may not all be the best pho­tos (even of mine), but they cer­tain­ly cov­er a lot of what hap­pened over the past 365 days in just nine pictures.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

  • Ains­ley look­ing out over the bow of a Dis­ney Cruise ship last Jan­u­ary as we left Miami.
  • Pago­das from an ancient tem­ple in South Korea.
  • Har­ry and Mag­gie hang­ing out on our stairs.
  • Angela, Wyatt, & Ains­ley watch­ing the eclipse (well, what we could see of it through the clouds).
  • My fin­ished gui­tar boost pedal.
  • Me sport­ing my first bow tie, which my fam­i­ly gave me for Father’s Day.
  • My fin­ished Gun­dam kit.
  • Angela and the kids on one of sev­er­al Fall hikes we did with our moms.
  • Hargie being ridicu­lous­ly cute.

Whiskerino — Day 90

This is my pho­to trib­ute to a pic­ture by Trey tak­en on Day 20 of Whiskerino.

Whiskerino - Day 90
Whiskeri­no — Day 90 (Clame­bute) - That’s Icewind Dale direct­ly North of my right shoul­der for you Driz­zt fans out there

And if that map looks famil­iar to you (or, per­haps, not all if you’re not a D&D fan), that’s because:

My Wall Map of Faerûn
My Wall Map of Faerûn

Battle at the Lighthouse

I played D&D at Mike’s place on Sun­day evening. We play-test­ed a new LFR adven­ture before its release lat­er this year.

Battle at the Lighthouse
The mini almost between the two columns is my char­ac­ter: a tei­fling Warlord

The areas above rep­re­sent the bot­tom and top floor of a light­house the par­ty was storm­ing to take back from an evil skull lord. What’s a Sun­day after­noon with­out pre­tend­ing to defeat pre­tend evil?