Getting There and Friday – Eiffel Tower & The Seine

Sports Car Rally A very cool old sports car at the rally just accross the street fromt he Eiffel Tower.

After reaching the ground, we decided to go over to the boat dock we had seen from up on the observation deck to take a river tour of the Seine through the city. Along the way, we stopped at a fast food shack for coffee and crepes. I have become addicted to crepes with Nutella spread. I’ll get to that more later. There was a sports car rally going on in the river-side park, so we checked out the European super-cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Mazaratti, Austin Healy, Bently, Lotus, etc. Some really amazing machines, many of which aren’t street legal in the U.S. Angela’s knows more about cars that I do, and even she was very much impressed with this collection of cars.

Sparkling Tower The lights on the Eiffel Tower are copyrighted, which is kind of stupid in my opinion. However, I’m posting this picture since the glass windows of the boat effectively change the light patterns, therefore altering the copyrighted pattern. Ha.

The boat tour of the Seine was fun, but since it was getting rather dark at that time and too cold for us to stand outside the glass enclosure of the boat, I wasn’t able to get many good pictures of the sights. However, it helped to orient us to the different areas of the central part of the city. I was also pretty impressed that the tour guide was fluent in six or more languages. We came to learn that most Parisians, at least in the service industry, speak a little of many languages other than French. This comes in handy when you speak almost no French. I eventually was able to even impress the locals with what little French I could spurt out. This proved to be problematic. I got good at saying a few phrases, mostly questions. Therefore, the locals assumed I could understand their response. My blank expression betrayed the fact that I had only perfected the pronunciation of a simple phrase, and was no more "speaking" French than one breathes water rather than holds their breath while swimming.

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