Miniature Minotaur

This mino­taur was always one of my favorite min­is when I was a kid. It was paint­ed by my friend, Tim M. — who was the best minia­ture painter of any­one I knew then. Every­one always want­ed to trade min­is with Tim; so he seemed to always have a fresh sup­ply of new ones.

Miniature Minotaur
Minia­ture Minotaur

I know that there are some ridicu­lous­ly detailed paint­ed min­is and no short­age of pho­tos on the web of them (ex.). How­ev­er, back then Tim was an artis­tic god.

So, any­way, yes­ter­day while we were hang­ing out at my moth­ers. Dave had got­ten out a chil­dren’s xylo­phone for Ains­ley to play with and it hap­pened to be in the same clos­et where my old D&D min­is, mod­el cars and air­planes were in. I got this guy out, along with all the oth­er junk lead min­is I had from back then.

This post is a re-post of a pho­to on Flickr.

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