My Wishlist Wish

Amazon should have the ability to create and save a list of friend’s wish lists.

Here’s a thought: Amazon should have the ability to create and save a list of friend’s wish lists. That way, once in your account, you can quickly get back to those people’s wish lists in order to get them something for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. Oh, sure, you could do this with Greasemonkey, but Amazon could add the code to their site in 30 minutes.

They could even take it a step further, and add features like an e-mail reminder when that person’s birthday is coming up and the highest ranked items on their list at a set pricepoint. Amazon could then turn a complete buffoon like myself into the perfect friend, son, husband, pet owner (your dog should have a wish list), and so on.

I realize that Amazon wish lists are no excuse for the excruciatingly difficult process of choosing the perfect $25 gift for an individual. That is a fine art for which I sometimes have moments of genius, but usually fall very flat. To help avoid the latter, wish lists sure are handy. Oh, what’s that? You don’t have a wish list? Well, then you’ll probably get socks for your birthday. You do like socks, don’t you?

5 thoughts on “My Wishlist Wish”

  1. I think that’s an excellent idea. Something like that would really be popular. I wonder how hard it would be to create a separate site that did that kind of stuff (including integrating Amazon wish lists). I think I might look into it.

  2. I hadn’t seen that page, but I had already indicated my birthday on my wishlist.

    To be entirely honest, though, my wishlist serves more as a list of items to consider purchasing for myself. I get destracted from shiney objects easily and therefore need a running list of items that I would really like to have as opposed to just the flavor of the moment.

  3. Jason! I am behind on reading blogs and can’t remember the last time (if at all) I commented on yours!
    I totally agree with you 100%. In that moment you expressed total genius and if amazon listens to you and winds up making the world a better place with you brillance they have you to thank for the inspiration. Kudos to you!

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