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Here’s a thought: Ama­zon should have the abil­i­ty to cre­ate and save a list of friend’s wish lists. That way, once in your account, you can quick­ly get back to those peo­ple’s wish lists in order to get them some­thing for their birth­day, Christ­mas, anniver­sary, etc. Oh, sure, you could do this with Grease­mon­key, but Ama­zon could add the code to their site in 30 minutes.

They could even take it a step fur­ther, and add fea­tures like an e‑mail reminder when that per­son­’s birth­day is com­ing up and the high­est ranked items on their list at a set pri­ce­point. Ama­zon could then turn a com­plete buf­foon like myself into the per­fect friend, son, hus­band, pet own­er (your dog should have a wish list), and so on.

I real­ize that Ama­zon wish lists are no excuse for the excru­ci­at­ing­ly dif­fi­cult process of choos­ing the per­fect $25 gift for an indi­vid­ual. That is a fine art for which I some­times have moments of genius, but usu­al­ly fall very flat. To help avoid the lat­ter, wish lists sure are handy. Oh, what’s that? You don’t have a wish list? Well, then you’ll prob­a­bly get socks for your birth­day. You do like socks, don’t you?

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By Jason Coleman

Structural engineer and technical content manager Bentley Systems by day. Geeky father and husband all the rest of time.


  1. I think that’s an excel­lent idea. Some­thing like that would real­ly be pop­u­lar. I won­der how hard it would be to cre­ate a sep­a­rate site that did that kind of stuff (includ­ing inte­grat­ing Ama­zon wish lists). I think I might look into it.

  2. I had­n’t seen that page, but I had already indi­cat­ed my birth­day on my wishlist.

    To be entire­ly hon­est, though, my wish­list serves more as a list of items to con­sid­er pur­chas­ing for myself. I get destract­ed from shiney objects eas­i­ly and there­fore need a run­ning list of items that I would real­ly like to have as opposed to just the fla­vor of the moment.

  3. Jason! I am behind on read­ing blogs and can’t remem­ber the last time (if at all) I com­ment­ed on yours!
    I total­ly agree with you 100%. In that moment you expressed total genius and if ama­zon lis­tens to you and winds up mak­ing the world a bet­ter place with you bril­lance they have you to thank for the inspi­ra­tion. Kudos to you!

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