IPMT — IP Movie Theater

From Wired.com’s review of the Roku set-top box for stream­ing Net­flix films:

[The] Roku Net­flix Set Top Box is Just Shy of Total­ly Amaz­ing… The score below is bal­anced between the ease of use and qual­i­ty of the hard­ware, and the dearth of con­tent avail­able. If every piece of media in the Net­flix cat­a­log were stream­able, this would be a 10 for sure.

They do men­tion a few oth­er draw­backs (not the least of which is that it is not ter­ri­bly attrac­tive). How­ev­er, it’s a good price point for exist­ing Net­flix users. I’ve noticed that Net­flix is adding quite a bit to their “Watch Now” sec­tion, though I rarely use it as you can­not direct­ly watch any­thing on a Mac. I’m not ready to get rid of DVD’s just yet, but I do think we just got one step clos­er to the goal of real IPTV. As far as the Roku goes, it looks like it’s get­ting pos­i­tive reviews across the board.

By Jason Coleman

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