Netflix Splitting the Business

I have to admit, I was a bit sur­prised to read Neflix split­ting off their DVD mail busi­ness into a new com­pa­ny. Not sur­prised, though, to see that Net­flix has essen­tial­ly gone com­plete­ly to stream­ing, as I men­tioned that ear­li­er this year. I’m pret­ty sure that’s been obvi­ous for years now. I was con­fused about the… Con­tin­ue read­ing Net­flix Split­ting the Business

Great post, video, and com­ment dis­cus­sion regard­ing Ed Cat­mul­l’s grad­u­ate research film which involves one of the ear­li­est (if not the first) 3D ren­dered com­put­er ani­ma­tion. Cat­mull would go on to form Pixar in the fol­low­ing decade. Many of the con­cepts and tech­nolo­gies used in this short film are used today in infra­struc­ture to dig­i­tize road­ways, build­ings, bridges, etc. into point clouds. (via Kot­tke)