Getting iPhoto to recognize your updated iOS 5 device

It’s almost embar­rass­ing that I had­n’t tried trans­fer­ring my pho­tos off of my iPhone 4—running iOS 5— in near­ly a month since upgrad­ing. I sup­pose with the iCloud ser­vice, many users won’t ever have an issue with this. How­ev­er, Angela and I share a iTunes account and don’t real­ly care to have our pho­tos dou­bled on one anoth­er’s com­put­ers. She does­n’t care about my goofy Insta­gram pho­tos and don’t need to see the pho­tos of some office baby show­er. There­fore, we still back up our pho­tos on our com­put­ers man­u­al­ly via iPho­to, or at least we’d planned to.

When we plugged our phones into our com­put­ers today, we real­ized that the iPhone device or cam­era roll weren’t show­ing up in iTunes. Even check­ing the Image Cap­ture on the mac did­n’t show the cam­era. After some hunt­ing around, I final­ly found the solu­tion. It’s not one I would have ever thought to do and it real­ly strikes me as odd that Apple did­n’t ham­mer this out already with all the oth­er upgrades required for using iOS 5.

To get iPho­to to rec­og­nize your iOS 5 device, do the following:

  1. Eject your iPhone or iPad if it is connected.
  2. Using Find­er and select the iPho­to Library file in the Pic­tures fold­er in your home directory.

  3. Right click and select Show Pack­age Con­tents from the pop-up menu.

    The inter­nal fold­er struc­ture of the file is displayed.

    Tip: It may be help­ful dis­play items in a list, as there are quite a few files in the iPho­to Library.

  4. (Option­al) Right click on the fold­er named iPod Pho­to Cache and select Com­press “iPod Pho­to Cache” from the pop-up menu.

    This will give you a back up copy, in case some­thing should go wrong. How­ev­er, this is an auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed fold­er so you real­ly should­n’t lose anything.

  5. Right click on the fold­er named iPod Pho­to Cache and select Move to Trash.
  6. Recon­nect your iPhone or iPad to your computer

    You should see the device appear in iPho­to, where you can import pho­tos and videos as with pre­vi­ous ver­sion of iOS.

    If you hap­pen to still have the con­tents of the iPho­to Library still show­ing in Find­er, you’ll notice that the fold­er you just delet­ed gets gen­er­at­ed using the new data­base struc­ture used in iOS 5.

Accord­ing to Roy­al­wise Solu­tions, this issue stems from a change in the data­base used by iOS ver­sions 2 through 4.3.3 is no longer used in iOS 5.0. Thanks to them for pro­vid­ing the details on how to fix this issue. Easy solu­tion but not some­thing most users are like­ly to fig­ure out on their own (I know I could­n’t, anyway).