Coke Life

I hap­pened to see a six pack of Coca-Cola Life1 at the gro­cery store the oth­er day. I don’t recall ever even hear­ing about the bev­er­age before, but it’s sort of a ‘nat­u­ral’2 ver­sion of the dis­con­tin­ued C2, which was a half-calo­rie soda. Life uses both cane sug­ar and Ste­via as sweet­en­ers.

I per­son­al­ly liked the fla­vor of C2 and I like Life. It seems to use the orig­i­nal Coke for­mu­la, sim­i­lar to Coke Zero — as opposed to the New Coke for­mu­la, which of course we are most famil­iar with in Diet Coke. It’s def­i­nite­ly not the same as a ‘reg­u­lar’ Coke, or even a ‘Mex­i­can’ Coke (that is, a cane-sug­ar Coke) but I find Ste­via to be one of the most accept­able sug­ar-free sweet­en­ers. At 60 calo­ries (per 8oz), it’s meant to be a light alter­na­tive to a ‘reg­u­lar’ Coke and appeal to peo­ple who might pur­chase Mex­i­can Coke.

I think Life is a bit hard to find, so far. Fur­ther, it’s in an 8oz glass bot­tle, so it’s sold at a pre­mi­um over it’s more com­mon sib­lings. And in case you were won­der­ing, it is a caf­feinat­ed drink (thank­ful­ly).

Coke Life

Coca-Cola Life

On a relat­ed note, start­ing a year ago, I sim­ply stopped buy­ing sodas to have a home except on occa­sion (like when I see an entire­ly new drink on the shelf!). How­ev­er, when we do bring them home, we have shift­ed to the small­er 7.5oz/222ml cans, which ends up being a nice amount to have with a lunch. Those are 100 calo­ries for a ‘reg­u­lar’ Coke, so I’d prob­a­bly have to drink a lot more sodas than I am now in order to jus­ti­fy hunt­ing down & pay­ing more per drink for Coke Life.

  1. I could­n’t find any reviews on Bev Reviews about this drink, but a post from a year ago indi­cates it was first released in 2013 in Argenti­na. []
  2. In as much as a soda can ever be nat­ur­al. []