Bob Clagett Answers My Question

One of my favorite YouTube chan­nels is “I Like to Make Stuff” from Bog Clagett. He has a wide vari­ety of projects, from home improve­ment to pro­gram­ming arduinos to mak­ing life-size toy props. And he seems like a gen­uine­ly inquis­i­tive and nice guy while doing it, admit­ting to mis­takes along the way as he learns.

He post­ed a chance to answer ques­tions from com­ments on one of his videos ask I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to see him answer mine. I know he plays gui­tar and I enjoy most of the music he includes, so I asked:

Bob Clagett of ILTMS answers my question
Bob Clagett of ILTMS gives me the stare

I appre­ci­at­ed his answer, which you can see at the 1:21 mark in his video. The whole video is good, as he also has part of his Q&A ses­sion from Mak­er Fair New York.