Dictionary: Colemanate

cole•man•ate [kohl•man•eyt] verb To build by means of ongo­ing dis­cus­sion, vac­il­lat­ing, dis­course, or exam­ples until all par­ties cease to be inter­est­ed: At least it did­n’t cole­m­anate in some hor­ri­ble end­ing (K. O’Mara)


Ob·ses·sion Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: ‘äb- se- sh&n Func­tion: noun Def­i­n­i­tion: An extend­ed peri­od of time spent view­ing count­less episodes of shows or movies in a sim­i­lar genre or the same series because one has become seem­ing­ly addict­ed. Synonym(s): Butt-numb-o-thon (see Har­ry Knowles), addic­tion, OCD. Ety­mol­o­gy: Derived from obses­sion (note the stress on the first syl­la­ble for the new deriva­tion),… Con­tin­ue read­ing Obses­sion