The term Cancel Culture is a bad faith fallacy.

RT @Winter: (log on) The term Can­cel Cul­ture is a bad faith fal­la­cy. There’s only Con­se­quence Cul­ture, it’s long over­due and most of the exposed preda­tors have yet to face mean­ing­ful con­se­quences. (log off)

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Our gen­er­al advice: The few­er hyphens the better.
Use them only when not using them caus­es con­fu­sion. Think of hyphens as an aid to read­er­s’ com­pre­hen­sion. If a hyphen makes the mean­ing clear­er, use it. If it just adds clut­ter and dis­trac­tion to the sen­tence, don’t. #APStyleChat

@pablohidalgo I actu­al­ly didn’t learn that the Emperor’s name was Pal­pa­tine (or Darth Sid­i­ous or any­thing oth­er than “Emperor”) until read­ing the Zahn books fresh­man year of col­lege. But yeah, there’s always been a big­ger world than just the films.