Ad Blocking Software

I don’t have a real­ly good solu­tion to what Ars Tech­ni­ca’s Ken Fish­er describes as dev­as­tat­ing to web­sites (ad fund­ed sites, any­way). How­ev­er, I don’t use ad block­ers myself. I’m a big fan of ad-sup­port­ed, freemi­um ver­sions of soft­ware and sites, and it’s my way of sup­port­ing those which I am not will­ing to out-right pay for. It’s not that I don’t know now to install or use these, I just choose not to. Frankly, when a site, appli­ca­tion, or even a tele­vi­sion pro­gram offers rel­e­vant ads, I’m often thank­ful to have seen them. I sub­scribe to the idea that effec­tive adver­tis­ing is just seen as infor­ma­tion, not a sell.