I Almost Forgot I Had A Blog

I feel like I owe my friends and family an apology for possibly scaring them into thinking I was missing and feared dead. I’m not going to go into some annoying post about how busy my life has been lately and I just haven’t had time to write. Partly because that’s not true at all and also becuase nobody really likes reading lame posts like that anyway.

I have been writing some travel logs of our trip out to California, although I’m far from being finished yet. You can get the slide-show version by checking out the Flickr group of just a few of my photos. I am, of course, hoping that Travis will post a few of his online as well, but I’ll leave that up to him (although he’s a pretty good photographer, so those of you interested in outdoor photos should say ‘please’). I experimented with panoramas a lot on this trip and a number of them came out with impressive results, if I may say so.

Mirror Lake

Otherwise, life has actually been pretty quiet here at home. Work has settled down substantially for me post-vacation1. Speaking of home, though, my pal, Johnny, and I went to purchase some lumber and hardware for rebuilding the basement stairwell this coming weekend. Stay tuned for loads of information on that and why you should probably never attempt this sort of thing yourself.

  1. Oh, work was insane for a while there; but you wouldn’t know about that since it left me no time to post about it. []

3 thoughts on “I Almost Forgot I Had A Blog”

  1. Jason, That is quite a not so suptle way of saying, let me see the darn photos. Meg has mailed you a cd with all (really only those that are at least mostly blurr free )of the photos. Call it old fashioned but I just haven’t brought myself to post photos online in Flickr or elsewhere. Perhaps one day. In any case you are welcome to do with these photos as you wish. You and Angela were in the same place Meg and I were, so at least in principle you had the same opportunity to capture the same image. Several of the photos you will find will make good panaramas (Columbia Point, Bridevail Fall overlook, Mirror Lake) whenever I get around to bunging them together. Again, have at it if you wish.

  2. Oh, yeah I took lots of photos at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf in Moneterey that will make for a good panarama. And there are several photos in there of a very tall redwood from Yosemite.

  3. Travis, I suppose I was actually just trying to say that you generally take better photos than me, even if we’re standing side by side! Thanks for mailing the CD. I wanted to get some of the panoramas put together of mine and Angela’s photos before mailing you one, and I’ve just about got all that done. Keep a look out for a photo-laden CD coming your way (also with some video, this time!).

    None-the-less, it was a great trip and I’d do it again even if there were no photos taken. The company alone was worth the trip.

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