Bumbo Safety Mod

So Angela sends me a quick e-mail note regarding a recall of our favorite little kids foam seat, the Bumbo1. The recall is regarding the fact that several children have been injured (some quite seriously, I understand) toppling out of the seat. Well, little toddlers being squirmy and all, they tend to do that. Especially just when mom or dad stepped away from the table and the little one gets bored.

…and they get bored in about two seconds, so this is easy to imagine and hard for me to place too much blame on the parents. We’re all only human.

For that matter, I don’t blame Bumbo, either. There’s a warning on the back of each one. In red letters! It essentially says that the Bumbo should only be placed at floor level and not on elevated surfaces. Apparently, some lawyers (the nasty kind who see everyone as suable bank accounts and not human beings) got a hold of this and determined that the warning wasn’t clear enough and that the product needed to be recalledSeriously, read the description and remedy at the CSPC’s site. Further, tell me if there is something I’m missing here.

Bumbo Warning

Note: there’s no lead paint, no flammable materials, not even any moving parts (the Bumbo is one solid piece of foam, in case you didn’t already know). And they’re recalling it because the warning on it apparently wasn’t big or simple enough for people.

Frankly, I think this is going just a bit overboard. Follow the warming label if you have any concerns or doubts. However, I don’t see any reason why the Bumbo is going to be a problem to put on a table-top provided there is some more strict supervision. I’d hate it if Ainsley got hurt, but that’s why we go out of our way to make sure she doesn’t go tumbling off of things in general, including Bumbos. But, just to put this in perspective, 28 out of over 1,000,000 Bumbos have resulted in injuries from kids taking a face-plate. That’s 0.0028 percent for the divisionally challenged. Though I don’t have any hard numbers, I’d be willing to bet a higher percentage have fallen out of people’s hands.

Just in case you’re still worried about your Bumbo, here’s a solution I came up with to help keep your child in the seat (though no word if the seat won’t go over with the especially roudy ones):

Bumbo Safety Mod

And just in case it needs saying, you take responsibility if you do this. Not me or Bumbo. Of course, you could just buy the plastic food tray that would probably accomplish the same thing.


  1. Our friends Chris and Sally first introduced us to the Bumbo when their son, Mason, was using one. We’ve had several other friends since that have also expressed their love for the Bumbo and it was one of the early gifts we received (as I recall, from C & S, even!).

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