In A State of Vanity

When Angela and I first moved to Virginia, we made the casual observation that the Commonwealth has a lot of vanity license plates. We even told friends and family back home that we figured Virginia had many more than Tennessee due to the lower cost of getting them here. Turns out, Virginia does have more. A lot more:

Out of the 9.3 million personalized plates on the roads of America, about one in 10 are in Virginia, according to rankings provided to The Associated Press by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

This probably settles some previous bets, though I don’t recall who they were made with…

One thought on “In A State of Vanity”

  1. Trey and I have noticed this, too, in Virginia. There are so many! Someone who parks on our street frequently has one saying “haha lol.” We lolled at it.

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