Chuck Norris Facts

Okay, so I had read about Chuck Nor­ris facts on Boing­Bo­ing, but just did­n’t find the humor in it. That, of course, was because I had­n’t read any Chuck Nor­ris Facts. Are you all begin­ning to see that I’m about about two steps behind the cool kids on the inter­net? My favorite one (so far): “Chuck Nor­ris does­n’t actu­al­ly write books, the words assem­ble them­selves out of fear.

The New(s) Source

Yes­ter­day, I wrote about how, after three months, Digg left a bad taste in mouth for Web2.0 news sites. Then I remem­bered an e‑mail that a friend had sent a month or so ear­li­er:

My pal Trey recent­ly sent me an invite to It’s still in pri­vate Beta, but invites aren’t too hard to come by (I’ve prob­a­bly got a few left, if you’re inter­est­ed). Amber Mac recent­ly inter­viewed Mike David­son, one of the co-founders of NewsVine, on Inside the Net, which is worth a lis­ten as well. The site has a much broad­er news scope1, offers a vari­ety of ways of fil­ter­ing the news, and com­bines the best of Digg and a mul­ti­ple source news site, like Google News.

The site takes its news from two sources: pro­fes­sion­al hard jour­nal­ist pro­duc­ers (Rueters and the AP) and from user-sub­mit­ted arti­cles. The user sub­mit­ted arti­cles then come in two vari­eties: either “seed­ed” links or user writ­ten entries. Users can vote sto­ries up (or report them, sim­i­lar in nature to Digg) and leave com­ments on any sto­ry2. Users can also upload pho­tos, use built-in chat fea­ture, and meta-tag each arti­cle. These meta-tags are also a strong fea­ture of Newsvine. These cross clas­si­fy news sto­ries and edi­to­ri­als for bet­ter search-abil­i­ty.

All things con­sid­ered, I think that Newsvine has a lot of promise. I’ve been excit­ed about all the fea­tures that keep com­ing out every­day and that the cre­ators (just five guys; talk about your Web2.0 star­tups with skele­ton staff) are very open to sug­ges­tions and respon­sive to prob­lems. The amount of work that is going into is is real­ly ipm­res­sive and the abil­i­ty to hone iin on news that inter­ests you is real­ly great. Check it out, because I think you’ll enjoy it.

  1. Much broad­er scope in com­par­i­son to Digg, cur­rent­ly. Kevin Rose has stat­ed that plans are to open Digg up to oth­er news streams as well in the future. []
  2. Cur­rent­ly, the com­ments are non-thread­ed, which is some­thing I would like to see changed. I real­ly feel that this leads to more dis­cus­sion and less shoot­ing from the crowd. []

And You Thought My T‑Shirt Was Cool

…and you thought my t‑shirt was cool. Online pub­lish­er Blurb has announced their “slurp­er” that will grab con­tent from you blog and turn it into a very slick look­ing cof­fee table book. I real­ly love the idea of bring the online world into the phys­i­cal world, and these books look very nice.