It’s Not Easy Being Green

So, I have a decent sized pile of scrap lum­ber from the stair­case project as well as from the fence repairs last sum­mer and tree limbs we’ve cut. I real­ly felt it was impor­tant to find a place that would take this for being recy­cled. This stuff would make excel­lent mulch or par­ti­cle board. How­ev­er, since I only have about a pick­up truck load, no one is inter­est­ed in it. I don’t want any mon­ey and I’ll drop it off myself. Seems like there’s a busi­ness plan in here some­where, but so far, no one around here’s picked up on that.

So far, the best option I have for get­ting rid of this in a respon­si­ble man­ner is to dri­ve it 40 miles East to West Point, VA to drop it off at a com­mer­cial wood recy­cling cen­ter. Earth, you owe me.


  1. No, I had­n’t just because it real­ly is scrap lum­ber. I can’t imag­ine any­one using it for any­thing oth­er than wood chips or pos­si­bly fire­wood. Even though a lot of it is fair­ly old, it’s noth­ing rare or spe­cial. Just reg­u­lar old pine.

    I may offer it to friends for fire­wood, pro­vid­ed I can get into fire­wood sized pieces with­out too much trou­ble. Per­haps I’ll list it online as just that… thanks KT!

  2. I take it to the local dump here and then start throw­ing the scraps in the dump­ster before the old guy at the shack can stop me. After he states that I can’t throw lum­ber in the trash I say sor­ry and I’ll keep that in mind. 

    I’m not lying because I am sor­ry he had to get off his duff to come out and say some­thing and I do keep it in mind, but just don’t act on it.

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