Make Project 01 — Steadycam

Well, I final­ly got around to Make-ing some­thing. The very first project that attract­ed me to the mag­a­zine was the $14 Video Cam­era Sta­bi­liz­er, so that was the first thing I’ve done.

I found the results to be pret­ty supris­ing. It’s a bit awk­ward to han­dle, but it real­ly does reduce all the shake and pitch while walk­ing or run­ning dur­ing film­ing. Here’s a short clip of me chas­ing Har­ry and Mag­gie around the backyard:

This video is locat­ed at YouTube. Sor­ry for the hor­ri­ble qual­i­ty, as it’s been encod­ed and com­pressed twice now.

By Jason Coleman

Structural engineer and technical content manager Bentley Systems by day. Geeky father and husband all the rest of time.


  1. That’s great. I just think the video is hilar­i­ous. It’s like they’re think­ing “Here comes Dad­dy with that damn thing on his head again”. And it’s obvi­ous that the steady­cam works. cool.

  2. Hey Jason.
    I can’t even tell you are run­ning and chas­ing. $14 dol­lars well spent.
    Thanks for shar­ing! I wish I could meet Har­ry and Mag­gie in per­son- such fun pets you have! Have a great day!

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