CableCard on a Mac

A short sto­ry on Mac­world regard­ing the lack of Cable­Card sup­port on Apple com­put­ers or periph­er­als. This is a sto­ry where the com­ments seem to add as much as the sto­ry does. I agree total­ly with the TiVo users com­ment­ing about their love of the Cable­Card. As a mat­ter of fact, TiVo HD users seem to be almost the only con­sumers who pre­fer cable cards. I know that pret­ty much every Com­cast tech­ni­cian who has been to our house absolute­ly hates them (along with TiVo HD units). They have tried repeat­ed­ly to talk me out of using our M‑card. Giv­en the amount of set up time they require over just plug­ging in a set-top box, I guess I can’t blame them (techs get allot­ted a very short amount of time for instal­la­tions & ser­vice calls). But it is so much more ele­gant a solu­tion. I do real­ly wish I could just plug a Cable­Card into my mac (or some periph­er­al, like an Apple TV) in a sim­i­lar man­ner to out TiVo.