Bad Week for New Telephony

It’s been a rough week for some of the high-tech tele­pho­ny solu­tions that I use every day. Name­ly, Google Voice on the iPhone and Skype. I use both of these at work most every­day: my “office” num­ber is a Google Voice line and Skype is great of over­seas calls and chat­ting with col­leagues. This past… Con­tin­ue read­ing Bad Week for New Telephony

Gladwell Dash Anderson

There’s been a lot to do about Mal­colm Glad­well’s crit­i­cism (some­what heat­ed giv­en Glad­well’s usu­al­ly calm writ­ing and demeanor) of Chris Ander­son­’s new book Free: The Future of a Rad­i­cal Price 1. I’m a fan of both Glad­well and Ander­son, though I think Ander­son­’s The Long Tail was a much more down-to-earth book when it… Con­tin­ue read­ing Glad­well Dash Anderson

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