Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor

I’ve been a fan of fan­ta­sy pret­ty much my entire life. No mat­ter how much I got a cer­tain amount of enjoy­ment of the scant­i­ly clad women war­riors from artists like Frazetta or Lar­ry Elmore, much of the—uh, armor?— that some women wore did­n’t seem like it would be of much help in a sword fight. Or keep them from freez­ing to death in a cool breeze. Or even just stay on them, for that matter.

Some­one has cre­at­ed a handy Tum­blr blog so we can all enjoy know­ing that there are plen­ty of sen­si­ble women in the make-believe worlds of fan­ta­sy. Enjoy some of the great art at Women Fight­ers in Rea­son­able Armor.

I may even make some self-res­cu­ing princess art for my daugh­ter from some of these.

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By Jason Coleman

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