Did You Change Your Hair?

I’m in the process of upgrad­ing to Word­Press 1.5. Yes, I’m about a week late, but I’m no less excit­ed.

Things look dif­fer­ent about the same around here, and it’s not all for the best at the moment. You’ll see that the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty has been sucked right out of the look at super_structure. You may also find that a num­ber of links are dead around the site (hope­ful­ly not the posts… my pre­cious posts). Ah, who am I kid­ding, there were always dead links around here.

Any­way, I final­ly took the leap of the deep end of the blog­ging pool and decid­ed to upgrade to Word­Press 1.5. It’s got a cou­ple of real­ly cool fea­tures that I’m very excit­ed about using:

  1. Pages: Not every­thing in the world is a blog post. My old site had tons of cool pages that I’ve been search­ing for a way to inte­grate on here, and I’ve now got an answer. Best of all, it does­n’t involve me writ­ing so much damn markup!
  2. Themes: This goes along with the whole pages thing. Now, I can cre­ate a nice look and feel that is con­sis­tent among all the pages and posts with in the site. It even allows me to have 404 pages that look like the rest of the site. I best be get­ting right on that one, since you’ll be see­ing a lot of them for a while!

Well, I’ve got a lot of work to do, and it’s going to take a while. Check back often and please post com­ments here if you find some bro­ken links, errors, etc.

Update: Well, if you’ve tried to leave a com­ment, then you know that’s pret­ty tough to do. There is some­thing or oth­er wrong with the com­ment field such that you can’t fill in your name or e‑mail and of course you can’t com­ment with­out those! Well, I’ll work on get­ting that cor­rect­ed. You can always just e‑mail me at jason(at)jasoncoleman(dot)net

Beauty Is Skin Deep

To any­one who isn’t read­ing this site by Braille, you can tell that the look is chang­ing. Of course, that’s all that’s chang­ing since I’m spend­ing this evening play­ing with the style sheet. To facil­i­tate an on-going dis­cus­sion between myself and the Jedi Mas­ter design­er, Jason John­son, I thought I’d cre­ate a new post to which com­ments on such things seem rel­e­vant.

I’m mak­ing no promis­es to what final form this site will take, oth­er than the fact it will have lots of infor­ma­tion cre­ate by me about things I find inter­est­ing. Short of that, any­thing goes. It’s all about the jour­ney here. I’m dis­cov­er­ing new things about CSS, Word­Press, and Flickr all the time and this is my lit­tle sand­box with which to play them. Also, I’m hop­ing to learn a few hacks in PHP when time allows. When will the fun stop?

The Sign of Things To Come

You can eas­i­ly see that things are very dif­fer­ent around here. It’s a new year, and I’ve got what appears to be a new site at first glance. I’ve switched from Blog­ger to Word­Press & also switched web servers. This is all thanks to my good friend Jason John­son, who is gra­cious­ly help­ing me get up to speed on all things WWW. Now, iron­i­cal­ly, Jason has authored many a site on the inter­net and has helped me learn every­thing from the <html> tag to some very sim­ple php (as of a cou­ple of days ago); but his site has been in the “begin­ning” stages for years now.

This site is going to con­tin­ue to go through some rad­i­cal changes over the next two weeks, at which point, it bet­ter be done. I’m start­ing a new job and I don’t expect I’ll have near­ly as much time for such diver­sions. I hope I’ll have time for post­ing any­thing oth­er than how lit­tle time I have. These changes will include a new look, some orga­ni­za­tion, and hope­ful­ly many inter­est­ing links to keep some­one busy for at least 5 min­utes. I’m excit­ed about all the new pos­si­bil­i­ties, and if you end up lik­ing this site, thank the oth­er Jason for me. He’s a bril­liant design­er and coder, and throws a mean New Year’s Eve par­ty with Sta­cie.

I Now Seem To Suffer From Insomnia

Bridge of Glass

Bridge of Glass
Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by super_structure.

Per Wired’s rec­om­men­da­tion (updat­ed link here), I signed up for an account at Flickr; and I’m already glad I did. With­in a mat­ter of min­utes I had some pho­tos uploaded, tagged, titled, and grouped. Short­ly there­after, peo­ple were already adding com­ments.

Cur­rent­ly, I just have some pho­tos of sev­er­al Dale Chi­hu­ly instal­la­tions from Ange­la’s and my trip out to Seat­tle and Taco­ma. It’s easy to take great pho­tos when you have ready-made incred­i­ble sub­ject mat­ter com­bined with spec­tac­u­lar weath­er. Any­way, check out my pho­to log here.

Working Through The Night

Me sitting at my computer with coffee and iPod

Well, I real­ize it might not quite show yet, but I’m work­ing dili­gent­ly on this site over­haul this week­end. Of course, the front end is pret­ty much done at this point, with just cos­met­ics to be improved. Of course, some con­tent oth­er telling peo­ple that I’m work­ing on it might be nice. That’s all to come soon enough. Enjoy the week­end, I know I am. Some iTunes, Star­bucks, and great weath­er for Decem­ber are mak­ing this blog pret­ty fun today.

Keepin’ Up With The Jones’

My week­end project for the first week­end of Decem­ber: Cre­ate a Web Blog. So, here goes try­ing. I sup­pose a wise choice for a first blog entry would be all about how excit­ed I am to have my first blog and so on, but that seems a lit­tle too obvi­ous, so let’s just pre­tend I’ve been doing this a while.

I would like for this blog to be an exten­sion of my web site. I haven’t done any pub­lish­ing to that site in about two years, but I think this is a good rea­son to get back into it. I’ll still try and update the exist­ing bio-type infor­ma­tion and such on my site (for any­one who cares), and use this for the arti­cle-style writ­ing I had in mind. I sup­pose that’s noth­ing nov­el, but this is a means for me to accom­plish what I had set out to do sev­er­al years ago, and maybe this time I keep it up.