Calendar Girls & Boys

A new year is fast approaching and you’re going to need a new wall calender. Why not consider purchasing a "When Harry Met Maggie" calender from You’ll get 12+1 full color photos of our two lovely and charismatic pooches to bring you cheer through the year. You’ll see them grow from young pups into full grown forces of destruction loving pets.

We’ve bought those calenders of Schnauzers or Airedales in the past and while some of the photos are cute, we wanted to make one that was more personal. So, I completely stole and idea from Heather and Jon Armstrong (of dooce and blurbomat fame) who are selling a great calender of their dog, Chuck (I’m linking out of guilt). Sure, they’re calender has better photography than ours, but many of you know our dogs. Not some out-of-touch, famous dog like that Chuck; who has no doubt let his internet-fame get to him.

Anyway, we decided that we could just make a better calender on our own and we’d have a great time, standing around the kitchen laughing about how our dogs are so wonderful. Of course, they’ll be there in person, barking and smelling bad to remind us how they might just be better in 2D.

And if you haven’t discovered, you really should check it out.

2005-12-16 Update: Looks like QOOP just added the ability to create calenders right from your Flickr account. They make quality stuff as well, but it looks like LuLu is still a couple of dollars cheaper (at least the budget option).

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