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A new year is fast approach­ing and you’re going to need a new wall cal­en­der. Why not con­sid­er pur­chas­ing a “When Har­ry Met Mag­gie” cal­en­der from You’ll get 12+1 full col­or pho­tos of our two love­ly and charis­mat­ic pooches to bring you cheer through the year. You’ll see them grow from young pups into full grown forces of destruc­tion lov­ing pets.

We’ve bought those cal­en­ders of Schnau­zers or Airedales in the past and while some of the pho­tos are cute, we want­ed to make one that was more per­son­al. So, I com­plete­ly stole and idea from Heather and Jon Arm­strong (of dooce and blur­bo­mat fame) who are sell­ing a great cal­en­der of their dog, Chuck (I’m link­ing out of guilt). Sure, they’re cal­en­der has bet­ter pho­tog­ra­phy than ours, but many of you know our dogs. Not some out-of-touch, famous dog like that Chuck; who has no doubt let his inter­net-fame get to him.

Any­way, we decid­ed that we could just make a bet­ter cal­en­der on our own and we’d have a great time, stand­ing around the kitchen laugh­ing about how our dogs are so won­der­ful. Of course, they’ll be there in per­son, bark­ing and smelling bad to remind us how they might just be bet­ter in 2D.

And if you haven’t dis­cov­ered, you real­ly should check it out.

2005-12-16 Update: Looks like QOOP just added the abil­i­ty to cre­ate cal­en­ders right from your Flickr account. They make qual­i­ty stuff as well, but it looks like LuLu is still a cou­ple of dol­lars cheap­er (at least the bud­get option).

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