WordPress 2.0 (It Works!)

Have you read my blog yet?

Yes, folks, if you’re reading this then I was able to upgrade to WordPress 2.0. Although it looks exactly the same on the outside (what you’re seeing now), the management interface is completely overhauled. It is much more like a WordPress.com account, for those of you who that means anything to.1

The new release of WordPress also comes with a fancy WYSIWIG html editor installed. I’m going to have to make some modifications to this (or wait until people update their plug-ins) before I can really make use of it, though. However, a lot of it is mostly eye candy; such as AJAX menu options and update notifications. All-in-all, worth the 30 minutes of upgrade work and it should make the work of writing, well, a little less work.

Just testing some other functions. No need to pay attention to the man behind the man behind the green curtain..

  1. It appears that footnotes are working, too! []

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 (It Works!)”

  1. I’m really excited about WP 2.0. The WYSIWYG interface makes it much more usable for client projects, and the image upload/browser is killer. The image management alone is enough reason to use WP over any other blog app. It’s amazing how difficult it is to add images to post on most platforms. Shouldn’t that be easy? Isn’t that something that people always want to do? Blogger is the only other system that is fairly easy to add images to, and WP 2.0 beats that by a long shot with the ability to add multiple images per post and place them however you want within the post text.

    How do you do the footnotes and Amazon Associates links?

  2. Trey: I completely agree the WYSIWYG editor with built in image management/upload is going to the killer app for WP and blogging in general. It is certainly what most people want. Right now, my advice to beginner bloggers is to use Flickr in conjunction with your blog. It’s easy to set up and use, but as you point out, limits you to pretty much one photo. That being said, WP still has a way to go. The editor currently is doing some funny stuff with html encoding in my posts, which I hand-write to do several things (mainly, footnotes and images). I would like to have some control over what it does when I open a post to edit or click publish. Currently, it’s all or nothing.

    As for the footnotes, I use a great plug-in Jason J. recommended to me. Previously, I had been hand coding them. Now, I have a button for adding a special tag (<footnote>, interestingly enough) in the text which does all the work (the superscript, numbering, adding return link, etc.).

    The Amazon Associates links are also handled by a great little plug-in I found. It provides a pop-up window for searching Amazon and then adding links and/or images. This greatly speeds the process of adding that sort of thing to a post. It even has the image size hack built right in.

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