Moving Pictures

I’m going to a post-marathon party at some friends’ house tonight so we can all celebrate not dying last Saturday morning. Angela took some great photos of them, so I’ll Flickr ’em1 and have Target print them for me. At ¢20 for a 4″x6″ 2, combined with the fact that Target is only about 3/4″ of a mile from our house, it really beats trying to print them ourselves. For comparison, 4″x6″ photo paper goes for about ¢9 – ¢21 per sheet at Staples (which is, incidentally, just about six blocks from our house). Essentially, we use Web 2.0 to outsource our printing. How cool is it that we can do that?

Anyway, here’s a couple of non-Angela shots from last Saturday. Just about every race with over a few hundred people (and some even that small) have professional photographers at them now who hope to sell you a photo of you running. I’ve bought a few, but they tend to be very expensive. That, plus, who doesn’t look like total crap when running that far? Oh yeah.

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  1. However, don’t bother going to look for them. I usually just send those to a private set and delete them later. []
  2. It’s actually just ¢15 each if you have them mailed to you, but I don’t know how much shipping is. []

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