Beauty Is Skin Deep

To any­one who isn’t read­ing this site by Braille, you can tell that the look is chang­ing. Of course, that’s all that’s chang­ing since I’m spend­ing this evening play­ing with the style sheet. To facil­i­tate an on-going dis­cus­sion between myself and the Jedi Mas­ter design­er, Jason John­son, I thought I’d cre­ate a new post to which com­ments on such things seem relevant.

I’m mak­ing no promis­es to what final form this site will take, oth­er than the fact it will have lots of infor­ma­tion cre­ate by me about things I find inter­est­ing. Short of that, any­thing goes. It’s all about the jour­ney here. I’m dis­cov­er­ing new things about CSS, Word­Press, and Flickr all the time and this is my lit­tle sand­box with which to play them. Also, I’m hop­ing to learn a few hacks in PHP when time allows. When will the fun stop?