Korean Films Are Coming

It’s been a long time in the com­ing, but some very incred­i­ble Kore­an films are start­ing to make their way on the U.S. movie radar.

When you talk about for­eign films, you often are speak­ing about Euro­pean art films. When you talk about Asian films, it is usu­al­ly Hong Kong action movies or Japan­ese ani­ma­tion. Some­where between the two are Bol­ly­wood musi­cals. How­ev­er, rarely does any­one in the U.S. talk about Kore­an films. Well, friends, that’s all about to change. Here’s three major Kore­an films that are like­ly to hit the U.S. hard­er than a serv­ing of Kim Chee:

  • Old Boy — (Action/Revenge/Mystery) What could be worse than 15 years of impris­on­ment and men­tal tor­ture? Just ask Oh Dae-Su after he is released and his for­mer cap­ture leads him through a mys­te­ri­ous puz­zle to uncov­er why he was kid­napped. Trail­er in Quick­time. Offi­cial Movie Site.
  • D‑War — (Fantasy/Action) Based on an ancient Kore­an leg­end that says giant crea­tures will return to try and take over the world. Some­where between “Reign of Fire” and “Godzil­la”. Trail­er in Quick­time. (also, check out the pre-viz) Offi­cial Movie Site.
  • Sky Blue — (Ani­ma­tion/S­ci-Fi) This film took some 7 years to make, because of all the lay­er­ing of CG and ani­ma­tion. It looks incred­i­ble for it, too. Trail­er in Win­dows Media. Offi­cial Movie Site.