Office Christmas Party

Jason & Angie

Jason & Ang­ie at this year’s SPA Christ­mas Par­ty. Who knew I could look that smug? Copy­right 2005 Scott Gutierrez

Last Sat­ur­day evening, Angela and I drove to Vir­ginia Beach to attend the com­pa­ny-wide Christ­mas Par­ty. We had most of the Vir­ginia Beach and Rich­mond officesin atten­dance for a great din­ner and the chance for us all to hang out out­sid eof the office.

Scott Gutier­rez, our com­pa­ny IT-man, also hap­pens to be tal­ent­ed pho­tog­ra­ph­er and was on hand to take lots of pho­tos. He’s very good at tak­ing both staged and can­did shots with his big Nikon SLR. Just as cool, he’s start­ed a Flickr account for the com­pa­ny, with pho­tos from the par­ty as well as the con­struc­tion of their new offices (he’s locat­ed in the VA Beach office).

After the din­ner par­ty, some of us head­ed over to Mur­phy’s Irish Pub down the street to catch a few beers before head­ing to bed. It was loud and smokey, but a few of us sat around and caught up, which is always nice.

Oh, and Scott, call her Angela if you know what’s good for you, man.


  1. Hi Jason,

    I try to find your email but i could­n’t find your email so i decid­ed to post it here. Do you remem­ber me? I’m the por­tuguese guy who played soc­cer with you at YAI. I can see you are doing well. Please drop me an email…


  2. Believe it or not but I grew up in Vir­ginia Beach! My dad was in the Navy for 20yrs, out in Nor­folk, and those were mag­i­cal times for my fam­i­ly. The ships would be all dec­o­rat­ed with lights dur­ing the Christ­mas sea­son, it was won­der­ful. What I miss the most about liv­ing on the coast was the abun­dant­ly cheap seafood! We use to boil buck­ets of crabs dur­ing sum­mers, but here in the Mid­west it’s not so available.

  3. Fil­ipe: I’ll con­tact you via e‑mail. I’m so glad you found my site, though.

    Crys­tal: I’m from the moun­tains of Ten­nessee and hav­ing all this seafood so close and so cheap has been incred­i­ble for me. I think Chica­go is an incred­i­ble city, but it would be hard to leave all this crab and shrimp behind.

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