Your DVD’s — To Go

I have a few friends that have recent­ly pur­chased a fifth-gen. iPod. You know the ones that play video that looks awe­some? Well, I sus­pect many of those very same peo­ple have DVD’s that they’ve pur­chased and would like to watch while on the go. That’s made very, very easy with CloneD­VD Mobile by SlySoft and your Fair Use rights. You can try it for free for 21 days and then pur­chase for $39 if you like it (via Boing­Bo­ing).


  1. Cole­man, if this works well then I am not ashamed to say I love you in pub­lic, not that I would have been anyway.

  2. Looks like a good thing for PC people. 

    On the Mac side, how­ev­er, I’ve tried two dif­fer­ent apps so far: Hand­brake and FortyT­wo-DVD-VXPlus (worst name ever!). They both will rip a DVD direct­ly to iPod-pre­ferred for­mat. Nei­ther are per­fect. It takes like 8 hours or more to rip a movie with either of these. I can deal with that, but the main thing is: videos ripped with FTDVDVXP (not even a short abbre­vi­a­tion!) don’t seem to have per­fect­ly sync’d audio and video. It’s real­ly annoy­ing. And Hand­brake is bet­ter with sync, but its inter­face is not near­ly as nice and I get lit­tle skips/pops in the audio. 

    Still look­ing for the ulti­mate util­i­ty for DVD->iPod. I’d real­ly like FTDVDVXP if they would only fix the sync issue. Maybe in a future version.

    PS- The main thing I’m using this for is to copy live music DVDs to my iPod. This allows me to lis­ten to the con­cert in audio mode, or watch in video mode, or lis­ten (in video mode) in the car while Sta­cie watch­es the video.

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