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I’m going to a post-marathon par­ty at some friends’ house tonight so we can all cel­e­brate not dying last Sat­ur­day morn­ing. Angela took some great pho­tos of them, so I’ll Flickr ’em1 and have Tar­get print them for me. At ¢20 for a 4“x6” 2, com­bined with the fact that Tar­get is only about 3/4″ of a mile from our house, it real­ly beats try­ing to print them our­selves. For com­par­i­son, 4“x6” pho­to paper goes for about ¢9 – ¢21 per sheet at Sta­ples (which is, inci­den­tal­ly, just about six blocks from our house). Essen­tial­ly, we use Web 2.0 to out­source our print­ing. How cool is it that we can do that?

Any­way, here’s a cou­ple of non-Angela shots from last Sat­ur­day. Just about every race with over a few hun­dred peo­ple (and some even that small) have pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­phers at them now who hope to sell you a pho­to of you run­ning. I’ve bought a few, but they tend to be very expen­sive. That, plus, who does­n’t look like total crap when run­ning that far? Oh yeah.

Somewhere In NorthsideSprinting Down The Hill

  1. How­ev­er, don’t both­er going to look for them. I usu­al­ly just send those to a pri­vate set and delete them lat­er. []
  2. It’s actu­al­ly just ¢15 each if you have them mailed to you, but I don’t know how much ship­ping is. []

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