New World in Adverstising

Well, a lot of you may read this site via an RSS feed so you might not have noticed that I now have adver­tise­ments in the side­bar. It’s just a Google Adsense pan­el, so noth­ing you haven’t seen before if you’ve been using the web in, oh, the past few years. Now, just in case you did­n’t know how Adsense works, it basi­cal­ly match­es key­words on this site to key­words Google’s adver­tis­ing clients pro­vide them with their ads. I have noth­ing to do with the con­tent of these ads, for good or bad.

For those of you who have seen them, you may have noticed a few anti-sci­ence ads for free books or Rush Lim­baugh (like the one that claims “Glob­al Warm­ing is a Lie”). I can have ads from those sites black­list­ed on a site-by-site basis and will cer­tain­ly do so, but it is inevitable that some ads will pop up that will seem to be out of place or against me or the spir­it of what I write about. You are encour­aged to let me know (e‑mail is best; jason at this domain) as this hap­pens. The cor­rec­tions should take place in a mat­ter of hours.

In addi­tion to mar­gin­al­ly inter­est­ing Google ads, you may have also missed the fact that I’m sell­ing t‑shirts1 over in the side­bar as well. The design is my own, if you’ll allow me the lib­er­al use of the word design. It’s far from the crap­pi­est t‑shirt I’ve seen sold and it’s made by Spread­shirts, who do very nice work. Do check it out.

Last­ly, in one final plea for you mon­ey and atten­tion, I’ve got a link over there for our baby reg­istry which is all set up on this site. If you are inter­est­ed and have any ques­tions, just let me know. You all know that you are not oblig­at­ed to do any­thing for us, but if it is some­thing you want to do, it’s a great place to get some ideas or do your shop­ping. We also wel­come sug­ges­tions (which we promise not to scoff at and ignore immediately).

  1. I recent­ly received my own shirt and I’ll mod­el it as soon as I get around to doing so. []
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By Jason Coleman

Structural engineer and technical content manager Bentley Systems by day. Geeky father and husband all the rest of time.


  1. Hae Soon and I need a T‑Shirt for a 1st Time Grand­ma. It could be be light yel­low, green, or a nice com­bi­na­tion of pink and blue!

  2. Mary, thanks so much. We’ve been look­ing into those g‑diapers for a while now and we’re pret­ty much sold on them. I’ll be sure and check out that blog as well. Please com­ment on any oth­er cool or green baby gear you come across, as we’d be inter­est­ed in it for sure!

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