How I Know I’ll Be Married A Long Time — Part III

This past week­end, it had final­ly got­ten warm enough I could no longer put off my duties as house grounds keep­er. I spent part of Sat­ur­day trim­ming, edg­ing, weed­ing and mow­ing. After Angela got home around 6:00 pm, I wrapped up and took a show­er. After­wards, I decid­ed it was time to shave the beard… Con­tin­ue read­ing How I Know I’ll Be Mar­ried A Long Time — Part III

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My Gmail is Better Than Your Gmail

A cou­ple of weeks ago now, issues with Dreamhost not with­stand­ing, I con­vert­ed over to using Gmail for my own domain after sign­ing up for Google Appli­ca­tions for your (my) Domain. While this makes essen­tial­ly no dif­fer­ence at all to any­one else, oth­er than avoid­ing con­fu­sion on which e‑mail account to respond to, it will… Con­tin­ue read­ing My Gmail is Bet­ter Than Your Gmail

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I Am In Need Of A Nap

I’ll spare you all the “sor­ry I’ve not blogged in a while…” stuff and skip straight to the expla­na­tion of why I’ve been occu­pied with oth­er things. As some of you have seen on Flickr, we’ve been in the process of work­ing on our kitchen. It’s some­thing that we (and by that, I mean 90%… Con­tin­ue read­ing I Am In Need Of A Nap

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Geekdad at Wired

Chris Ander­son (edi­tor in chief at Wired mag and author of The Long Tail) announced a new blog at this after­noon: Geek­dad. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun projects, gad­gets, and advice from the point of view of dads. Need­less to day, I’m excit­ed and it (as well as… Con­tin­ue read­ing Geek­dad at Wired

Geek Test: I Failed

Looks like I have some seri­ous read­ing to do: The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien The Foun­da­tion Tril­o­gy, Isaac Asi­mov Dune, Frank Her­bert Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert A. Hein­lein A Wiz­ard of Earth­sea, Ursu­la K. Le Guin Neu­ro­mancer, William Gib­son Child­hood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke Do Androids Dream of Elec­tric Sheep?, Philip K. Dick… Con­tin­ue read­ing Geek Test: I Failed

Eye In The Sky

NASA’s STEREO‑B space­craft took an amaz­ing shot of it’s own solar eclipse late last month dur­ing the process of hav­ing it’s cam­er­a’s cal­i­brat­ed. The moon appears as a black disc against the fiery mass of the sun. I think that the tex­ture of the sun is, well, other-worldly.