Some Inspiration For This Site

A remark by Jason Kot­tke on his site today in how he sees his site as being sim­i­lar to a bar he enjoyed in New York: “Maybe I like this approach so much because it reminds me of the way in which I edit This isn’t a tech site or a design site or a pop cul­ture site or a news site…I’ll put any­thing on as long as it’s inter­est­ing, top­ic be damned.” That is a lot of what super-struc­ture is to me; a col­lec­tion of all the things I find inter­est or val­ue in. I wel­come any­one pop inside my head to read it or take part in the con­ver­sa­tion, but I guess I’m the main audi­ence I’m writ­ing for.