StupidFilter Needs Some Education

Gru­ber had post­ed this after­noon about a great-sound­ing, open-source project titled Stu­pid­Fil­ter meant to help fil­ter out stu­pid com­ments on the web. From the Stu­pid­Fil­ter site: The solu­tion we’re cre­at­ing is sim­ple: an open-source fil­ter soft­ware that can detect ram­pant stu­pid­i­ty in writ­ten Eng­lish. This will be accom­plished with weight­ed Bayesian or sim­i­lar analy­sis and some… Con­tin­ue read­ing Stu­pid­Fil­ter Needs Some Education

Five Fun Things Friday — Independance Day Edition

We keep our­selves pret­ty busy these days. Well, we cer­tain­ly man­age to fill the time with some­thing and hope­ful­ly most of it is worth the time we spend on it. So, this one is a week late, but with good rea­son. There’s always a few high­lights, though: Footrace — Inde­pen­dence Day morn­ing Angela and I… Con­tin­ue read­ing Five Fun Things Fri­day — Inde­pen­dance Day Edition

Battle at the Lighthouse

Battle at the Lighthouse
The mini almost between the two columns is my char­ac­ter: a tei­fling Warlord

I played D&D at Mike’s place on Sun­day evening. We play-test­ed a new LFR adven­ture before its release lat­er this year. The areas above rep­re­sent the bot­tom and top floor of a light­house the par­ty was storm­ing to take back from an evil skull lord. What’s a Sun­day after­noon with­out pre­tend­ing to defeat pre­tend evil?