StupidFilter Needs Some Education

Gru­ber had post­ed this after­noon about a great-sound­ing, open-source project titled Stu­pid­Fil­ter meant to help fil­ter out stu­pid com­ments on the web. From the Stu­pid­Fil­ter site:

The solu­tion we’re cre­at­ing is sim­ple: an open-source fil­ter soft­ware that can detect ram­pant stu­pid­i­ty in writ­ten Eng­lish. This will be accom­plished with weight­ed Bayesian or sim­i­lar analy­sis and some rules-based pro­cess­ing, sim­i­lar to spam detec­tion engines. The pri­ma­ry chal­lenge inher­ent in our task is that stu­pid­i­ty is not a bina­ry dis­tinc­tion, but rather a mat­ter of degree. To this end, we’re col­lect­ing a ranked cor­pus of stu­pid text, gleaned from user com­ments on pub­lic web­sites and ranked on a five-point scale. 

How­ev­er, when I tried the demo out, I was very dis­ap­point­ed. I thought I’d start easy and enter:

First post!

Which is just about the dumb­est com­ment I could think of which might appear online. The response from the online demo?

Text is not likely to be stupid.

Uh-huh. We clear­ly have dis­parate def­i­n­i­tions of what con­sti­tutes stu­pid­i­ty. Good luck, guys. I am real­ly root­ing for this to work. If the trolls, flamers, and idiots know they’re being ignored, then they real­ly might go away. We’re just not there yet if I still ever have to read “First post!”

So, Yikes! I thought I’d try and lob them anoth­er slow and soft pitch to see if I had jumped the gun with my two-word gimme. This text gave the same “not like­ly to be stu­pid” result:

You’re and idiot! I can­not believe that you’d ever agree with Bush and/or Oba­ma! You should die you Nazi and/or hippie!

Could some­one please give an exam­ple of what is stu­pid text, then?

Five Fun Things Friday — Independance Day Edition

We keep our­selves pret­ty busy these days. Well, we cer­tain­ly man­age to fill the time with some­thing and hope­ful­ly most of it is worth the time we spend on it. So, this one is a week late, but with good rea­son. There’s always a few high­lights, though:

  1. Footrace — Inde­pen­dence Day morn­ing Angela and I par­tic­i­pat­ed in a Fourth of July 5k/10k in down­town Nashville. Run­ning is always a good way to see a city and this was a real­ly nice race (even with a bit of rain on us). I did the two loops to make a 10k which (sad­ly) marked the longest run I’ve been on in about 15 months. Angela and Ains­ley did the 5k which both mom­my and daugh­ter seemed to enjoy as well. Here’s to get­ting back into shape!
    Nashville Fourth of July 10k
  2. Run­ning with Ains­ley — We recent­ly got a bike trailer/ run­ning stroller com­bo. Since we don’t yet have a baby-sized hel­met, we’ve only used it for run­ning on a cou­ple of occa­sions. How­ev­er, it’s real­ly great for us all to get out and run togeth­er. One of the tough things about try­ing to keep in shape with a lit­tle one in our lives has been hav­ing to find the time for us to go out sep­a­rate­ly so the oth­er could watch her. This handy lit­tle gad­get solves that prob­lem, whether we want to run or bike. It’s too bad we don’t bring the dogs with us. I’ll tell you why though: imag­ine try­ing to run while hold­ing a pair of ropes which are attached at the oth­er ends to a pair of mis­siles, each with a miss­ing tail-fin. That’s what it’s like to run with two terriers.
  3. Nashville Zoo — We got a fam­i­ly mem­ber­ship to the Nashville Zoo on Sat­ur­day and spent sev­er­al hours walk­ing around. It’s real­ly nice (and this after hav­ing gone to the San Diego Zoo back in April).
    Giraffe at the Nashville Zoo

    We were in such a Zoo mood, we even went up to Opry Mills to eat at the Aquar­i­um Restau­rant after­wards. Dave & Steph came out to hang out with us for a while, as well.

    The Aquarium Restaurant

  4. Fire­works — It’s the fourth of July and that means fire­work dis­plays. The one in Nashville is real­ly nice. Frank & San­di go to see them with us on their way back to Alabama.
    Nashville Fireworks
  5. Lisa Loeb — She has a new album out called Camp Lisa and it’s — yep! — a col­lec­tion of camp songs. She is doing some in store shows at Barnes & Noble and we got to see her this past Mon­day evening. My broth­er Dave also came out to see her and to hang out with us (he’s a big fan).
    Us with Lisa Loeb

Battle at the Lighthouse

I played D&D at Mike’s place on Sun­day evening. We play-test­ed a new LFR adven­ture before its release lat­er this year.

Battle at the Lighthouse
The mini almost between the two columns is my char­ac­ter: a tei­fling Warlord

The areas above rep­re­sent the bot­tom and top floor of a light­house the par­ty was storm­ing to take back from an evil skull lord. What’s a Sun­day after­noon with­out pre­tend­ing to defeat pre­tend evil?