The Son Also Rises

Our sec­ond child — a boy named Wyatt Paul — was born yes­ter­day morn­ing. Cur­rent­ly, every­one is doing very well and we’re still in the hos­pi­tal as my wife recov­ers from surgery. My in-laws are stay­ing at our house and watch­ing our daughter. 

All things con­sid­ered, it seems that this deliv­ery went even smoother than the first time. Angela has been in bet­ter health (minus hor­ri­ble heart­burn & nau­sea) and her recov­ery seems to be going even faster this go round. We have a very brief scare just before the sched­uled surgery time when it appeared her blood pres­sure had dra­mat­i­cal­ly dropped and his heart rate also dropped. After lit­er­al­ly run­ning my wife’s bed down the hall to the OR, they quick­ly real­ized all was okay and let us breathe again.

Calm Before the Storm
Operating Room

Moments lat­er, at exact­ly 8:17 am, we had a hand­some lit­tle baby boy. Angela, though heav­i­ly sedat­ed, got to spend a bit of time with him before I took him off to the nurs­ery (well, I fol­lowed the nurs­es, any­way). There, he was greet­ed by two of his grand­par­ents and his big sis­ter on the oth­er side of the glass.

Wyatt Paul Coleman
Meet Your New Baby Brother

He was weighed and mea­sured while I watched in the nurs­ery. His weight was 7 lbs. 8 oz. (exact­ly what Angela had guessed) and his length was 20 1/4 in. I went out to see my daugh­ter and talk to my fam­i­ly. I then went back to the room to wait on Angela and make some phone calls. Angela got wheeled back in to the room about 30 min­utes lat­er. And, much to our delight, Wyatt came in just moments there­after. He began feed­ing with­out much trou­ble and has been doing great ever since.

And In This Corner...
Happy Parents

Ange­la’s par­ents have been back by with Ains­ley a cou­ple of times since. Ains­ley is already point­ing at her lit­tle broth­er and say­ing “baby!” As I stat­ed ear­li­er, Angela has been recov­er­ing very well. We’re all set to go home as soon as we can.

In the mean­time, all the lat­est news and infor­ma­tion on Wyatt is over at his web­site.

What’s Wrong with Wall Street

Frank Rich’s excel­lent insight into the cul­ture of Wall Street that was at the core of the cur­rent recession:

This was not an exact replay of the pre­ced­ing dot-com bub­ble. As a vet­er­an of the tech gold rush recent­ly observed to me, in Sil­i­con Val­ley “the mon­ey comes lat­er” and “the thing you make comes first, how­ev­er whim­si­cal, sil­ly, micro­scop­ic, recon­dite it may be.” On Wall Street over the past decade, the mon­ey usu­al­ly came first, last and in between. There was no “thing” being made at all unless you count the slic­ing and dic­ing of debt into finan­cial “products,” the incom­pre­hen­si­ble deriv­a­tives that helped bring down the econ­o­my, cost­ing some five mil­lion Amer­i­cans their jobs (so far) and count­less more their 401(k)’s.

The fun­da­men­tal shift that this coun­try has to under­go is that our ulti­mate goal should all be to do noth­ing but let our mon­ey make us more mon­ey. Goods and ser­vices — and the skills that sup­port them — are the most impor­tant cor­ner­stone of our econ­o­my. Mon­ey laun­der­ing (basi­cal­ly what the mar­ket became with its shuf­fling of debt over the past decade) has nev­er been a sus­tain­able busi­ness. (via Tim O’Reil­ly)