Starting Out 2014 Right

My goals from year-to-year don’t change that much. How­ev­er, that’s not entire­ly a bad thing. Some have set goal lines but most of them are open end­ed. Strive-to-do-more-of-this or less-of-that sort of things.

How­ev­er, this year, I’ve decid­ed to nar­row some of my goals to the dai­ly lev­el. More accu­rate­ly, at the end of each day I hope to answer the fol­low­ing ques­tions to myself:

Today, what did I…

  • …eat?
  • …do for exer­cise?
  • …work on?
  • …cre­ate?
  • …learn?
  • …read?
  • …help my chil­dren do?
  • …do to let my fam­i­ly know I love them?

I won’t have a (good) answer for each ques­tion every day and that’s ok. Some days, the answer may be the same thing for more than one ques­tion (actu­al­ly those may be the best answers). But hope­ful­ly, I’ll have a pos­i­tive answer for most ques­tions on most days.