We Escaped!

Our nephew, Kei­th, invit­ed us to one of the The Escape Game adven­tures. These are real­ly pop­u­lar and I can see why. Any­one who was a fan of point-and-click puz­zle com­put­er games (like me) would love get­ting to be inside the game and that’s exact­ly what this feels like. My old­er broth­er, Stephen, and Kei­th’s fiancé, Jamie, joined us and we had a great team. We were able to divide up for dif­fer­ent tasks and fin­ished with over 11 min­utes to spare for our Mis­sion to Mars adven­ture. The entire facil­i­ty is real­ly nice­ly done and it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and pres­sure of try­ing to solve the puz­zles togeth­er in under 60 minutes.

The Escape Game: Mission to Mars
We escaped!