I Tried Hot Chicken

No, not that I tried eat­ing hot chick­en. Hav­ing lived near Nashville for over a decade, of course we’ve eat­en hot chick­en. Though, I don’t ever order the crazy hot stuff. I stick to mild and actu­al­ly enjoy eat­ing it.

No, I mean I tried mak­ing my own hot chick­en here at home for fam­i­ly din­ner. It’s no secret that cook­ing isn’t some­thing I real­ly enjoy. I’m start­ing to enjoy it more as I’ve learned to suc­cess­ful­ly cook some things beyond a cold-cut sand­wich. Angela real­ly enjoys cook­ing (and is also real­ly good at it), but her style is more of exper­i­men­ta­tion. I’m one who can fol­low direc­tions so if they’re clear­ly writ­ten, then I can gen­er­al­ly pull it off rea­son­able well. A few years ago, we start­ed Blue Apron meals and more recent­ly made Hel­lo Fresh meals. Both are great and I learned a lot about cook­ing (and also learned I would­n’t last a day in a pro­fes­sion­al kitchen set­ting). I also learned about fry­ing a bit more. Doing some more research, I found a real­ly good Bob­by Flay recipe for fried chick­en. More impor­tant­ly, fry­ing chick­en for chick­en parme­san — one of my all-time favorite dish­es. So I got some prac­tice mak­ing that at home.

Angela sug­gest­ed I try mak­ing some hot chick­en and I found a copy-cat recipe for Hat­tie B’s chick­en which is arguably just a copy-cat of Bolton’s, but that’s for anoth­er day. I used a lot less cayenne than the recipe calls for (that much is crazy) and I used the fry­ing oil as the base for the hot coat­ing. There­fore, mine is a lot brown­er and run­nier than most glam­or shots of hot chick­en. But it did taste pret­ty good and the whole fam­i­ly enjoyed it.

Homemade hot chicken
Home­made hot chicken

Berry Smoothie

I real­ly dis­like bananas.

I’m not brag­ging or any­thing; just stat­ing a fact. I tru­ly dis­like bananas. I always have. I know they’re very good for me and I wish I could eat one. I hon­est­ly don’t think I have ever man­aged to eat an entire banana by itself (that is, not in some oth­er food).

The 2006 Rich­mond Marathon was the third (and last) marathon I ran. It was excep­tion­al­ly hot that day, with temps around 80° in Novem­ber. The last 10k was real­ly rough on me and I knew I was in des­per­ate need of some nutri­tion after the race. I sat down on a curb in Shock­oe Bot­tom with a banana and a bagel, think­ing that the banana was exact­ly what I need­ed. I man­aged to get about half way through it, forc­ing every bite.

Then it occurred to me: I’d rather risk seri­ous injury or death rather than eat an entire banana.

Like I said, I real­ly dis­like bananas. Always have.

Berry Smoothie

None of this changes the fact that bananas are excel­lent to eat after stren­u­ous work­outs or runs. I still know this and I’m quite pleased that I final­ly found an easy recipe that I enjoy to have after work­ing out. It does have quite a lot of sug­ar, but you can sub­sti­tute water/ice for the juice to reduce that by about half.


  • 8 oz Apple Juice (sub­sti­tute with same of ice water or ice or oth­er juice to taste)
  • Medi­um Banana, frozen
  • 1 cup Mixed Berries, frozen
  • 1/2 cup Vanil­la Yogurt


  1. Pour the juice, berries, and yogurt in your blender cup.
  2. Use a but­ter knife to slice the skin off a cou­ple of sides of the frozen banana. It comes off very eas­i­ly, even when frozen & you can just cut off slices into the blender while hold­ing the two remain­ing sides.
  3. Pulse the blender 5–6 times to chop up the frozen bits.
  4. Blend on high for 40 seconds.

Serves 2 (who am I kid­ding, I drink the whole thing. So should you).

The best part: The frozen banana is almost unde­tectable in terms of fla­vor, smell, and tex­ture. I mean if you get nose right down into the cup, you’ll detect banana; but that’s what straws are for. For peo­ple who real­ly hate bananas.