Blogging Hack

I have a Microsoft Office Keyboard and Wireless Explorer Mouse on my home desktop(s). I love the extra functionality of these devices due to the forward/back browser buttons (among other buttons). I’ve even bought a second Office keyboard for my office desktop because I found the copy/cut/paste and the application switch buttons to be so handy in data post-processing (I’ll spare you the gory details on that one…).

However, one of the really frustrating things about web-form blogging (as in my WordPress blog you’re reading now) is that I occasionally hit the back button on one of these devices by accident. This sends me back to the previous admin page, of course, and completely empties the web form in which I was typing my post. Hopefully, I’ve saved often, but usually even losing a paragraph is very annoying. Since I really don’t want to give up my fancy-pants keyboard and mouse, I’ve had to come up with a way to prevent this from happening.

Essentially, I open the Write Post link in a new FireFox browser tab, which then doesn’t have any page history of its own. I can then accidentally hit those back buttons to my heart’s content, knowing that I won’t loose anything. You can accomplish the same thing by making use of the Press It bookmarklet feature in WordPress, which essentially just opens up a Write dialog in a new browser window, but that’s not how I generally work while blogging. The new tab seems to be the most straightforward method for me.

Hope this helps some other fat-fingered blogger.

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