Marathon? Check.

Well, Angela and I both com­plet­ed the Rich­mond Marathon this after­noon. We both fin­ished in (near­ly) our goal times; Angela a lit­tle bit faster and me just a hair slow­er. How­ev­er, the impor­tant part is that we fin­ished.

After run­ning, we cheered on some of the last folks com­ing across the fin­ish line and then head­ed home to get cleaned up. Angela had kind­ly booked a cou­ple’s mas­sage for the two of us, which was absolute­ly fan­tas­tic (hey, two anoth­er first for me today!). Then we met some friends out for din­ner: Ange­la’s run­ning pal, Heather, and her fiance and our friend, Robert, who ran a great 8k this morn­ing.

We’ve had a great day of run­ning in some beau­ti­ful weath­er, but it’s time to go to get some rest. I’ll update this post soon with all the gory details, but I just want­ed to say thanks to our friends and fam­i­ly who encour­aged us and a spe­cial thanks to all the Train­ing Team staff and run­ners who real­ly made this so much fun. You’re all ter­rif­ic.