Youth Make Believe

You’d play Poncherel­lo, from CHiPs?

Not too long ago, I got the first sea­son of Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca on DVD. That’s the new Sci­Fi Chan­nel ver­sion, which is a good show if you’re not already watch­ing it. Sev­er­al of the episodes guest star Richard Hatch, who played Capt. Apol­lo in the orig­i­nal series, as a rebel leader named Tom Zarek.

I was point­ing out to Angela how cool I thought it was that Richard Hatch was involved with the new show some. I explained to her that when I was a kid (around six or so), my friend Robert and I pre­tend­ed that we were a cou­ple of the char­ac­ters from Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca. Robert always played at being Lt. Star­buck (played by Dirk Bene­dict, who would lat­er go on to play Face on The A‑Team). I always played at being Apol­lo.

I told her, as a mat­ter of fact, Robert and I had a rule: he’d play the blond guy and I’d play the dark-head­ed guy.

“He’d play Luke, I’d play Han.”

“He’d play Ted, I’d play Chris, the heli­copter pilot from Code Red1.

“He’d play Bak­er, I’d play Ponch.”


“You’d play Poncherel­lo, from CHiPs?”

“Well, yeah.”

Eric Estra­da?”

“Well, I was­n’t blond. Robert was.”

“Jason, you’re way too white for that.”

“But I’m not blond.”

  1. Okay, so you may not remem­ber this show, which was about a fam­i­ly of fire­fight­ers in Los Ange­les. The show also starred Lorne Greene as well as a dark-haired Sam J Jones (he was bleach blond in the pre­vi­ous year’s Flash Gor­don. I loved Code Red so much, that I told every­one for about a year that I want­ed to grow up to live in Los Ange­les and fly a heli­copter, just like the guy in the show I used to pre­tend to be. []