Five Fun Things: Week of May 10th

Here’s a list of Five Fun Things I’ve been enjoying lately, in no significant order (other than No. 1):

  1. Feeling our baby girl kick for the first time last Sunday morning. That was awesome.
  2. Super Paper Mario on the Wii – Not a very hard game, but loads of fun to play and very funny, too.
  3. LostLast night’s episode was proof they haven’t ‘lost’ it. Picking an end date means they’ll have a definite road map for the rest of the show to keep it great, unlike earlier this year when it seemed to be flopping. (Watch it on ABC’s site) Heroes owes a lot to Lost, and has really been building up to a great season finale. Both have been filling the hole left in my heart when Season 3 of BG ended.
  4. – All the recent news about the possibility of losing Internet radio made me realize just how awesome this site is.
  5. Freaks & Geeks from Netflix. I wish I had caught this show when it was first aired, but I don’t think my watching would have saved it for another season.

So what about any of you? Leave a comment or post it on your own site (be sure to ping me, trackback or just leave a link if you do!).

2 thoughts on “Five Fun Things: Week of May 10th”

  1. The young one kicks. That IS so awesome!

    On the TV note that you struck, SG-1 is winding done while it is still a good show, it has lost some of its luster for me. BG has to be my favorite show; I really like the exposure to the dark side of humanity and a group of people that every so often is forced to put aside their differences and come together, at least for a few critcal moments. Lost and Heroes drive me nuts. They are both good shows, but I always wish for a another 10 minutes. And no I don’t think he is dead yet.

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