Everything That Was Old Is New Again

I’ve got the site, well, look­ing exact­ly like it did a cou­ple of days ago.

Okay, well… I think I’ve tak­en the 20-lb sledge to most of the look of the site, if only to get exact­ly back to where I was two days ago (before I upgrad­ed to WP1.5). How­ev­er, there’s some more pow­er under the hood now, and hope­ful­ly I know a lit­tle more about what’s going on behind the scenes around here. I have to say, it took me for­ev­er to fig­ure out how to tweak the HTML code of the link cat­e­gories in the side­bar. Man, is that buried in here!

I have a long list of things to get to, and I’m look­ing for­ward to hear­ing from every­body as to what they think. That reminds me, you can can­not leave com­ments again (I’m so jeal­ous of peo­ple who have blogs that work, right now). Let me know if you find any­thing bro­ken. I hope to get the RSS feeds back again, soon as well. There’s always e‑mail, although that’s so 1998.